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Weaver Ants and their Sticky Babies!

Updated: 6 hours ago

Weaver ants are found everywhere around us; you’ve likely seen their nests while walking in a garden or a park. A prominent feature of a weaver ant nest is the leaves stuck together with a white substance. Ever wondered what that white substance is made of? Any guesses?

It's something you likely wouldn't even think of. The white substance is actually baby ants in the larval stage.

Like other insects, weaver ants go through the egg, larval, pupal, and adult stages. A larva that looks like a caterpillar emerges from the egg. This larva encloses itself in a silky case called a pupa. An adult ant then emerges from the pupa.

In the larval stage, baby ants produce a silky and sticky substance to cover themselves. Only baby ants can make this substance. Adult ants use these baby ants to stick leaves together, forming a nest.

How incredible is that? So next time you’re walking around and see weaver ants, think about how the baby ants are holding the nest together!

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