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Reflections on Indian Wildlife Ecologists Conference 2024

Updated: 19 minutes ago

The three days we spent at the Indian Wildlife Ecologists Conference (IWEC 2024) were truly heartwarming and filled us with immense gratitude.

Amidst a group of dedicated researchers, we were at our Ecology Explained stall, highlighting the importance of sharing secrets of the natural world with a broader audience. The positive response we received from scientists and students was incredibly encouraging.

Many students, who have been loyal followers of our content, shared how Ecology Explained has impacted them. One student fondly recalled a video we made on bats a couple of years ago as her first introduction to the fascinating world of bats. She was so inspired that she’s now studying bats!

Another student expressed how our Hindi content has made it easier for his family and friends to understand and appreciate nature, and his choice to become an ecologist, more than ever before.

We met students who recognized us from our logo and others who really wanted us to post more often!

Working on social media means we rarely meet our viewers face-to-face, so we usually measure our impact through numbers—views, shares, comments, and likes. While we constantly strive to improve these metrics, personal stories and heartfelt conversations provide unparalleled motivation.

Thank you to everyone who visited us at the conference, appreciated our efforts, and encouraged us to continue. Your support means the world to us, and we hope to be able to live up to your expectations.

If you’re an ecology researcher or a student with an exciting research story, a solution to an ecological issue, advocating for a cause, or if you’ve created a wonderful book or game, we would love to promote it through our channel. We’re also eager to share videos or photos of your observations or experiments. These glimpses into the natural world, often stored away on our hard drives, can foster deep curiosity and appreciation among our audience like nothing else. You can reach out to us at

Here’s to many more meaningful collaborations and to bringing accurate ecological research to a larger audience without losing its essence.

Thank you,

Ecology Explained team

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