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Pigeon 101

Updated: 2 days ago

Are you like Rahul and Babuji from Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, "aao, aao, aao-ing" pigeons and feeding them? (Do you get the reference, or are we just showing our age?)

Scientists strongly recommend that we should NOT feed pigeons. It gives them a lot of extra resources, energy, and time to spend making babies. This drastically increases their populations, allowing them to wreak havoc on our balconies and cars!

Allow us to also share some cool things about pigeons!

First, pigeons purposefully consume small stones. Wonder why they do this? Since pigeons do not have teeth, the stones help break grains into smaller pieces in their stomachs.

Second, did you know that pigeons can make milk for their babies? Okay, we admit – it is different from the milk that humans make. Pigeons produce milk from the inner lining of their stomachs and regurgitate it for their babies. It really helps the babies grow!

Are you fascinated by pigeons after learning these facts, or do you still hate them for their pesky behavior?

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