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Can You Copy Bird Calls?

Updated: 2 days ago

Have you ever mimicked your teachers or prominent celebrities with your friends? We are sure you have. But have you ever tried to mimic bird calls?!

Anup Bokkasa taught us just that at the Indian Wildlife Ecologists Conference 2024. Anup is a wildlife biologist working with the Habitats Trust, with interests in ecology, conservation, and citizen science.

When he was in school, he knew there were people who could mimic bird calls. He told us that he used to play around with his hands a lot, trying to make all these calls. And one day, just like that, he learned the trick! So, he is 100% self-taught. Today, he can mimic the calls of at least 40 birds!

And guess what – AI recognizes the bird calls Anup makes perfectly. That tells us how accurate his calls are!

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