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We had a wonderful interactive session with Dr Paranjpe, where we discussed her journey of research, and what it takes to become a good researcher. Our participants got a better understanding of what it is like to be a part of the science community, got insights on Human-Peafowl interactions and much more!

Participant Feedback

Knowing that it is possible to make gradual but distinct career shifts in the field biology like from microbiology to ecology. The integration of lab and fieldwork was good to know too, I had assumed that it was possible but hearing it from the horse's mouth is always more calming.                                                                
-Moitrayee Sarkar 

The session was quite interactive and Dhanashree ma'am made sure to answer all our questions and cleared even the slightest of our doubts regarding the subject. We got to know more about the behaviour of Peafowls and certain myths were busted as well, thus increasing our awareness and knowledge.
-Aparna Rao             

The session helped in developing the thought process of young scientists. 
-Jenny Thomas           

Participant- expert interaction was most useful.  It helped me to gain new insights into the field.  
- Shriya Auradkar 

It was good to hear personal research experiences from ma'am. It was very informative.       

-Vidula Varadarajan

Got to know the diversity in the wildlife field and about its career-building ideas. More practical experience and good explanation.                                                             
-Rashmi Panda    

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