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Engaging with kids! 

One lucky day, we happened to interact with kids and talk to them about the fascinatng things we see around us. Seeing the twinkle in their eyes was satisfaction to another level. It was then, that we decided to catch the kids young  and do our bit in guiding them to become nature-curious! .... And what can be better than trained ecologists interacting with kids about science and nature!? :)

Here are the details of how we engage with kids:


Whether you are a parent, teacher, guardian or an influencer...we promise to give your children an experience they will always carry with them! :) 

Highlights and Feedback

In May-June 2020, we conducted a

4-session workshop on "Backyard Biology" for kids in collaboration with the CSMVS kids museum (Prince of
Wales museum), Mumbai.

The series was apparently one of the most loved series of the summer! Over 120 kids attended the sessions, and loved it. The hour long session easily stretched to 1.5 hours and the turnover rate of kids was almost 90% :) 

backyard eco.png

What the organisers had to say...

"This has been one of our most hit collabs! The topics were so interesting..the registrations were full as soon as the sessions were advertised! The sessions were very interactive and the kids were super excited about

the quiz!"

"Thankyou for conducting a brilliant series of "Backyard Ecology" workshops. The participants were delighted! We look forward to working with you again!"

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